About the Oral History Project

Tom Mihalik and KMHS interviewer Bruce Beaton, July 2014

Tom Mihalik and KMHS interviewer Bruce Beaton, July 2014

In 2013, the Kensington Market Historical Society began an Oral History Project to document and preserve an account of the interviewee’s life experiences. This project is ongoing, and the KMHS actively looks for potential interviewees who have stories to tell about Kensington Market.

Interviews are conducted at the participants’ homes, or other appropriate locations, such as their shops or place of work. Participants can choose to discuss any aspect of their lives and they may refuse to answer any questions. Interviews normally take about one hour, but participants may take as long as they would like and are free to stop at any time.

All participants featured in General Eclectic: Oral Histories from Kensington Market have consented to open public access of their interview, but this is optional.

If you would like to participate in an oral history interview, please contact us at kmhsoralhistory@gmail.com


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